Top Bundles and Cuts of 2020

Hi Friend,  We hope you have had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends and have found time to laugh, relax, and enjoy each other. I love this little stretch between Christmas and New Years' when everyone is home and there are no appointments or practices to shuffle. It's also a perfect time to reflect on the past year, and while there is much frustration with 2020 it has also brought many moments of kindness and fellowship, precious new baby snuggles, and conversations about what really matters.  We have had a great time looking at the data to see what it is that you, our Ranch Family, is loving to put on your dinner table. Below are your top pics from this last year! Happy New Year!Katie 1902 Legacy Meats 2020 Customer Favorites //  Beef Bundles #1 Small Ground Beef BoxEveryones go-to for quick and simple dinners is ground beef! We got messages and pictures of your burgers on the grill and large pots of chili. The flavor of our ground beef is unmistakable so it's no surprise that this is your favorite! #2 1/4 Cow ShareCow Shares are the most economical way to get our beef in your freezer and many of you took advantage of this option! Have the beef on hand for all your special dinners, slow cooker meals, and family favorites for a few months.  #3 Ground Beef Stock UpForty pounds of dry-aged ground beef! Yes!! Filling your freezer with this family staple is never a bad idea. My kids both have their favorite ground beef meals they ask for on repeat so I'm never at a loss for what to cook with this cut.  #4 Slow Cooker BundleWho doesn't love the smell of a roast in the crockpot after a long day of work! The bundle comes with roasts, ground beef, stew meat, and shanks for a healthy beef bone broth. 1902 Legacy Meats 2020 Customer Favorites // By the Cut #1 BrisketIf you have a smoker then you need a brisket! An obvious customer favorite with its deep robust flavor.  #2 FiletHands down my favorite steak. I love the tenderness of this cut and it's so versatile. Chopped in a stir fry, marinated for steak skewer appetizers, or wrapped in bacon for a date night dinner.  #3 SirloinSo many of you added sirloin to your cart this year and there's a good reason. The bite of this cut is tender and juicy and great with so many dinner options.  #4 Rib-eyeThis steak is perfect for the grill. Cooked over medium heat for a tender juicy steak and served with yummy grilled veggies!It's really fun to see what you choose for your family dinners and I love that they are our top picks as well! Happy New Year friends!

Not Your Ordinary Beef

Not Your Ordinary Ground Beef!Our ground beef is not your ordinary ground beef. Our beef is raised on mineral rich natural prairie grass all it's life (the way God intended), we never give our cattle steroids or hormones, and always treat our livestock humanely. This creates an excellent, high quality beef that is nutrient dense, tender, and has a concentrated flavor.  Our beef is simply a healthier product. Most beef sold in stores is finished on grain. This creates those giant briskets and huge steaks you see at restaurants, however, it also contains high levels of saturated fat and omega-6 fatty acids, which increase inflammation. Our cattle never eat grain. They solely eat their natural diet of prairie grasses. Our grass-finished animals have a huge amount of omega-3s throughout their bodies, which are anti-inflammatory. The beef also contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is known to help people burn fat, maintain weight loss, retain lean muscle mass, and control type 2 diabetes. According to the National Library of Medicine, CLA is 300–500% higher in beef from grass-fed cows than grain-fed cows. Grass-finished beef also has other vitamins and minerals that increase endurance, reduce fat, and promote muscle growth. On top of all that our beef taste great! It's tender, juicy, and has a wonderful beefy flavor. We want you to try it!

Our Favorite College Girl!

Audra is the middle child of Jesse and Michelle. She is currently attending Northwestern Oklahoma State University where she is majoring in Agricultural Business. She follows in the footsteps of her Great-Grandmother, Avis Marcum, Grandmother, Dana Chapman, her mother and father, and her Aunt Katie and Uncle Dominic, all who attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University. We are a proud Ranger family for sure!  Audra graduated from Alva High School last year. In high school she was a strong member of FFA, showing pigs. During her junior year she earned her way to the Oklahoma Youth Expo, the largest 4H and FFA livestock show in the nation. There she showed her Hampshire pig and won 5th out of 800 Hampshires and made the premium sale! The premium sales takes the top 2% of 10,000 selling livestock at the show. She also earned her State FFA Degree honors the seniors who have participated in multiple areas of FFA during high school. She also played 1st and 3rd base for the softball team making many friends and memories with her little sister Aimee.  Audra's favorite ranch meal is Cowboy Stew. This stew/casserole dish is so yummy and supper easy to make. When Audra was little her Nana, Jesse's mom, used to make it. She has memories of going to the Gage Artesian Beach (Oklahoma's largest outdoor swimming pool) with her cousins during the summer, then going back to Nana's and eating Cowboy Stew. This hearty beef, bean, and potato stew was exactly what the kids needed after a long day of swimming. Now that Audra is a college student and living on her own, she can make this simple meal and get a taste of home! Check out the recipe! You won't be disappointed!