Why Grass-Finished and Pastured Meats?

Eat The Best!

Higher Nutritional Value

Grass-finished beef is a healthier product than conventional beef. There are more essential fats and antioxidants that help to prevent disease and improve brain function. If you are looking for the most nutritious beef, you have found it!

Gram for Gram Our Beef Has Fewer Calories Than Store-Bought Beef, Plus . . 

Higher nutritional complexity than grain-finished beef.

​5x the Omega-3's

​3x the CLA (helps reduce body fat)

​Higher in Vitamins A & E

However, not all beef labeled grass-fed at your grocery store is the same. The USDA allows Industrial feedlots to feed cattle grass pellets so they get away with labeling their products grass-fed. True grass-fed, grass-finished beef eats 100% grass, and that is what you will get at 1902 Legacy Meats.


More than seventy-five percent of grass-fed beef in the grocery store is imported from other countries!

And because of labeling tricks, you won't know if it's imported. If the animal is butchered (divided into cuts) in the US it can be labeled "Product of the USA".

This is a real problem for a consumer who is trying to buy local USA beef but is being tricked in the grocery store.

The only solution is to buy direct from the ranch!

Regenerative Ranching Practices

Beef raised on regenerative managed land can decrease the carbon footprint. Healthy soil stores carbon. More carbon in the soil (where it belongs) improves crop production, decreases nutrient loss, and absorbs water into the soil. The best way to improve soil health is to introduce animals. Animal waste supports the soil’s natural microbes and improves water filtration which improves soil carbon. Our animals roam free in our pastures improving our land for our cattle, wildlife habitat, and plant species.