Our Ranching Practices

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Our Values

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We believe our customers deserve to have peace of mind at their table and strive to bring you quality meat while sharing how it is raised and cared for daily on the ranch.

We value the animal and honor its God intended natural instincts to live outdoors, graze, and herd together. 

We care for our natural resources with regenerative practices to protect our lands and wildlife. Taking carbon out of our air and absorbing water for healthy functional soils.

Our cattle are humanely raised and we strive for them to have a low-stress life.

We are organically minded.

Our Practices

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Cattle spend their lives grazing on natural Oklahoma prairie grasses rich in minerals.

Our family lives and works the ranch every day to care for the animals.


Beef is processed in a USDA facility one animal at a time. Each cut is done by hand, wrapped, and labeled, so you know where your beef comes from.

Beef is dry-aged for 21-28 days for tenderness and concentrated natural flavor.

Our Regenerative Ranching Promise

1 Healthy Soils

We work to be the best stewards of our land by working with nature to build organic matter and resilience in the soil. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used on our pastures.

2 Planned Grazing

The cattle are moved to different parts of the pasture to keep the grasses healthy. Trying to always let the grass recover to return more carbon to the soil. Resulting in healthy natural prairie grasses for our cattle to consume.

3 Healthy Animals

Healthy soil translates to high nutritional grass. The animal's nutritional needs are met in a natural way with no stress on the animal.